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Rajrani Style

In this featured how to wear Saree video, the Rajrani Style is in focus. Rajrani Style of Saree Draping is a take on the royal style of wearing a Saree. The Rajrani infuses an element of grandeur that India is known for. This style is perfect for all those august occasions, which require the right mix of subtle show and regal glamour.

Typically, Rajrani Style of Saree Draping requires a heavily embellished Saree paired with comfortable heels and complementing Jewellery.


For Rajrani Style of Saree Draping, all you need is:

A heavily embellished Saree | A matching inskirt or petticoat | A fitted blouse | Complementing Jewelry like Bangles, Earrings & Neckpiece | A pair of stylish Footwear, preferably heeled |
Few safety pins

How to Drape Rajrani Style Saree


Take one end of the Saree and tuck it neatly in the inskirt at the center.


Now take the Saree around, bring it to the front & tuck it neatly.


Now, hold the Pallu from the back, bring it to the front and make your pleats. Drop it on your right-shoulder, the loose end being a little above your knee.


Pin it up now on your right shoulder.


Hold the Saree in the middle section and make around 6-7 pleats. This drape is unique because the pleats are tucked in the in-skirt facing the right side.


Now, take the Pallu end and pin it up on the left shoulder to make a V.

The Rajrani Style of Saree Draping is the most versatile form & can be complimented with all kinds of Jewellery.

Tips & Tricks 1.

Always wear your footwear beforehand to get the right length of Saree.


Always pin the Saree at 3 places - Waist pleats, Pallu pleats and Pallu to blouse/top. Add more pins, wherever required, depending on drape styles.


Be ready with basic make-up and save time for touch-ups later.

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Rajrani is the most Royal drape of all. Heavy embellished Sarees, Sarees with double side borders in rich fabrics like Velvet, Brocade, Jaquard and Silk are most suited for the drape.