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Nivi Style

The Nivi style of Saree draping is possibly the most popular of them all and in practice for long. Nivi style of Saree draping finds its origin in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. For the locals, it is a traditional form of draping a Saree. However, with its versatility to suit any occasion, this style has become universal and represents the cultural heritage of India.


Your style requirements for Nivi style Saree draping will comprise of:

A stylish Saree | A matching Inskirt | A fitted Blouse | A pair of comfortable heels |
Complimenting Jewelry | Few safety pins

How to Drape Nivi Style Saree


We'll start with tucking one end of the Saree in the inskirt and wrap one full round.


Ensure the Saree length falls just an inch short of the floor.


Now, pick the other end of the Saree and make 6-7 pallu pleats.


Hold the pleats and from around the back bring it to the front.


Take the pleated pallu over the left shoulder, pin it up neatly on the shoulder and leave the pallu hanging.


Now, focusing on the untied portion of the Saree, hold the Saree upper edge from the left and tuck it in the inskirt towards right.


Make 6-7 pleats on the untied Saree portion and tuck it in the inskirt, pleats facing left.


To hold the pleats in place make sure you pin it together from inside.

Tips & Tricks 1.

Wear a inskirt/petticoat of the same color as the Saree.


Be set with your footwear beforehand to get the right length of Saree at the foot.


Keep safety pins handy for quick pin-ups.


Be ready with basic make-up, to save on time.


Accessorize with Jewelry.

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Given the ease and simplicity of this style, you can easily pick any kind of Saree, embellished, embroidered or printed and do it in a Nivi style. The Nivi style Saree draping ensures that you get a graceful, picture perfect look.