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Mermaid Style

Mermaid style of Saree draping is representative of the present times. An amalgamation of the traditional and the modern, Mermaid style Saree draping is one that suits most body frames, especially large ones and is rather simple to wear. A perfect sartorial metaphor of the Indian woman, this style reflects the dynamic personality that she harbors.

This interactive video on how to wear a Saree takes you through The Mermaid style of draping. The details of how to wear Saree in Mermaid style comes with all the contemporary nuances of the form.


Before you begin with a mermaid drape, here's what you need:

An embellished Saree with contrast pallu | A designer blouse | A matching inskirt or petticoat |
A pair of heels | Jewelry encrusted with gemstones | Few safety pins

How to Drape Mermaid Style Saree


We'll start with tucking one end of the Saree in the in-skirt and wrap one full round.


Ensure the Saree length falls just an inch short of the floor.


Now, pick the other end of the Saree and make pallu pleats.


Hold the pallu pleats, from around the back bring it to the front and place it over the right shoulder.


Leave the pallu hanging such that it falls 4 inches short of the floor.


Tuck the leftover untidy portion of the Saree in the in-skirt.


Now hold the pallu from an inside pleat corner and from around the back bring it to the front.


Pin the pallu corner on the in-skirt a span length below the waist, beneath the pallu.

Tips & Tricks 1.

Choose a Saree with contrast pallu to get the color blocked look.


Pulling and pinning the pallu corner firmly gives a fitted look around the waist.


Save your time over pleats and palla by keeping it pinned in place earlier.


Make sure to wear your sandals beforehand to get the right length of Saree.


Keep safety pins close.


Be ready with some make-up to save on time.

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With Mermaid style of Saree draping, you get a style that is perfectly suited for the Indian woman, embodying grace of Indian heritage and the dynamism of today. Try it for a social gathering at home!