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Double Saree Style

The Double Saree drape is a unique style, where you drape two Sarees seamlessly. Given that double style Saree draping is a blend of modern and traditional, it is quite popular with fashionistas today. It is a sure shot fix to stand out even in a predominantly Indian setting. With this simple video, we resolve your queries about how to wear double style Saree. Here, we give you the essential guide to double style Saree draping steps.


Your style requirement for double Saree style includes:

Two contrasting or complimenting Sarees | A matching blouse | An inskirt or petticoat |
A pair of matching footwear | Light Jewelry | Few safety pins

How to Drape Double Saree Style


Let's start with the first Saree: take one end of the Saree, make 6-7 pleats and tuck it in the in-skirt centre facing left.


Ensure the tucked Saree falls just an inch short of the floor.


Now, take the pallu end & make pallu pleats .


Hold the pleats and from around the back bring it to the front.


Take the pleated pallu, place it over the left shoulder, pin it up neatly and leave the pallu hanging.


Now, let's take the other Saree, make 6-7 pleats and tuck it in the in-skirt center facing right & overlapping the former Saree pleats.


Now, take the pallu end & make the pallu pleats


Hold the pleats and this time bring it from around the back from the other side to the front over the right shoulder and fix it with a pin

Tips & Tricks 1.

Balance the length of the pallu beforehand and pin it to keep it intact.


Make sure to wear your footwear beforehand to get the right length of Saree.


Always pin the Saree at 3 places - Waist pleats, Pallu pleats and Pallu to blouse/top. Add more pins, wherever required, depending on drape styles .


Keep a few safety pins close for quick pin-ups


Be ready with basic make-up to save on time

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For a polished preppy look and feel and if you need to look absolutely unique, this style is the best choice.