Bengali Style

Perfectly complimenting the grace and wardrobe of style divas, Bengali style Saree draping looks more gorgeous than it ever has in Sarees with intricate borders and bright hues. The Bengali style Saree is a must have for grand occasions and festival gatherings.

Your ultimate wish of learning how to wear a Saree in a subtle Bengali style, is now answered with a detailed how to drape a Saree video.


Your style requirements for Bengali style Saree draping includes:

A traditional white Saree with red border | Blouse with puff sleeves | Inskirt or petticoat |
Red and white bangles | A keyring or trinket | Round red bindi | A pair of heels | Staple filigree Jewelry | Safety pins

How to Drape Bangali Style Saree


Let's start with tucking the Saree end from the right side of the waist and until it completes one full round back to the right side.


Then tuck the Saree across from right side of the waist to left side and then, the reverse from left to right.


Repeat the step 2 times.


Now make pallu pleats and place it on the left shoulder such that it makes a deep U in the front.


Now pick a pallu corner and tie a trinket to it - the pack of keys or an antique silver keyholder.


Bring the pallu corner to the front under the right hand and place it on your right shoulder.

Tips & Tricks

1. Always wear this Saree without a fall lining.

2. Wear your heels beforehand to get the right length of Saree at the ankle.

3. Remember to tie a key ring or trinket to the pallu end.

4. Keep safety pins close for quick pin-ups.

5. Be ready with basic make-up and save time for touch-ups later.

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Hope this has helped you grow at ease with how to wear a Saree in Bollywood's most celebrated Bengali style drape.